Taipei | August 2011

TWD 341.47; TWD 56.96 (USD 1.97, EUR 1.39) for food.

This is based on per capita per-day basis of overall poverty line for Taiwan, average household size, and low-income household food expenditure.

The poverty line was newly raised with effect from 1 July 2011 under the Social Assistance Act, making an additional 588,000 people eligible for social assistance, to over 852,000 people, or 3.7% of the population. Taiwan uses a relative poverty line, which is 60% of the median disposable income per capita. Poverty thresholds vary across municipalities, with the baseline set at TWD 10,244. Poverty data is tracked by the Directorate General of Budget, Accounting and Statistics.

 Note: Latest available standards and exchange rates were taken as of August 2011, when the photography was undertaken.

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