Yangon | August 2016

MMK 1,030 (USD 0.88, EUR 0.80).

This is based on per capita per-day basis of the national poverty line.

This poverty line is based on a 2009/10 household survey. It is an absolute poverty line, based on food poverty rate (2,100 calories daily) and an allowance for non-food expenditure.

The poverty incidence rate was 25.6%. Poverty incidence is around twice as high in rural than urban areas at 29% and 15% respectively. Rural areas account for almost 85% of total poverty.

In 2014, the World Bank proposed revising the poverty line definition upwards, to MMK 440,345. They had used a higher calorific level (2,300 calories). This would mean higher poverty incidence at 37.5% also based on the 2009/10 household survey. However, the UNDP, which has been working with the Myanmese government on statistical methods and poverty alleviation, objected publicly to the proposed revision. And the government and all official lines have stuck with the 25.6% / 26% poverty incidence rate.

Note: Latest available standards and exchange rates were taken as of Aug 2016, when the photography was undertaken.