Antananarivo | September 2011

MGA 1,284 (USD 0.64, EUR 0.51).

This is based on per capita per-day basis of national poverty line tracked by the National Institute of Statistics (INSTAT).

Madagascar’s National Institute of Statistics (INSTAT) is in charge of deriving the poverty line, which has been fixed as MGA 468,800 per person per year. 76.5% of the population was under the poverty line in 2010, rising from 68.7% in 2005. INSTAT has tracked that 80% of the population lives in rural areas, which have higher poverty levels (82.2%). There has been increasing income disparity between urban and rural populations. Besides income thresholds, Madagascar also tries to look into living conditions / subjective welfare analysis during its surveys to understand the poverty situation. Poverty figures are tracked through its five-yearly household survey (Enquête Périodique Auprès des Ménages).

Note: Latest available standards and exchange rates were taken as of September 2011, when the photography was undertaken.

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